#096: King Cardinal

In this episode I spoke with Americana band King Cardinal. They told some stories from the road, I found out Issac Hayes was dead and that if you want people to be jealous of you take a public speaking class. 
JJ CALE, Don't Go To Strangers//
KING CARDINAL, Metronome//

#094: Nylons

I picked up my guitar for the first time in a while and  decided to try a thing. Heartbreakers, taxpayers and musical slayers are all on my mind.


PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, Something Bigger Something Brighter//


MISTY BOYCE, Goodbye July//


#092: Garbage Man

In this episode I break down the new film 'Ready Player One' and Sci-Fi in general. There is talk of casual love and murder under bridges. I also had a run in with a waste removal specialist. 

THEE OH SEES, The Lens//
THE DO, Miracles//
HOLLY MIRANDA, Exquisite//

#091: Fil Silky (The Legend)

Silky is a 72 year old OG acid head with a heart of gold. He spoke about getting his hands on some of Timothy Leary's LSD from the famous clinical trials of the 60's. We spoke about the war and also touched on geriatric A.I.D.S. There is even a special call from his mother mid interview. This conversation was an attempt at a Kodak moment. Recording someone without their knowledge is shysty AF, but it makes for a decent podcast... 

MICHAEL RAULT, I'll Be There//
FLYING LOTUS, Zodiac Shit//
RICHARD & MIMI FARINA, House Un-American Blues//
THE FLAMING LIPS, Silver Trembling Hands//
INSTAGRAM @limberwolfcast

#088: Rebecca and Joshua Williams

Rebecca and Joshua Williams are psych rock siblings that founded a band called The Savage Blush. we talked about some of their adventures on the road, flow states and living for selflessness.
YAT-KHA, Karangailyn//
THE SAVAGE BLUSH, Half Broken, I'm a Fool//
KIKAGAKU MOYO, Green Sugar//
INSTAGRAM @thesavageblush @limberwolfcast

#087: Jay Miller

Jay Miller helps Adam Carolla sell booze nationwide. We talked about the origin of Ace's famous Mangria, sci-fi inspired technology and harnessing Meta-data for good, not evil.

ALT-J, Hares On The Mountain//
KRAUNGHBIN, Two Fish And An Elephant//
LORD HURON, The Man Who Lives Forever//

#085: Alan Bromwell

I sat with Denver Comedian Alan Bromwell to talk about the origin of comedy, mysteries of reality, stand-up on psychedelics and how to go too far. 
LOMA, Black Willow//
KID LOCO, A Grand Love Theme//
GETO BOYS, Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta//
JONATHAN BREE, You're So Cool//
INSTAGRAM, @alan.bromwell

#084: Bald Brother Radio

In this episode I spoke with the hosts of Detroit Michigan's Bald Brother Radio. Muddy, DJ Cool Breeze and I are in the incubation phase for a new Nation wide podcast network. There is talk of The Siri Singularity, stand up comedy and Australian opium. 
CHOPIN, Nocturne op. 9 No. 2//
RJD2, See You Leave
JOHNNY MANDEL, Suicide is Painless

#077: Yo Melania

In this episode I touch on theoretical transcendence, Earth experiencing itself through humans, and the First Lady.
//MILES DAVIS, Blue and Green
//BRAND NEW, Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
//THE TEMPTATIONS, Ain' t To Proud To Beg
INSTAGRAM @limber_wolf

#075: Gracious

Arin talks about a new career in the cannabis industry, isosceles love triangles and the fight for net neutrality in the fleeting wild west of the internet. // KIEV, Be Gone Dull Cage// THE RACONTEURS, Top Yourself// MARY WELLS, You Beat Me to the Punch// www.limberwolfmusic.com // INSTA @limber_wolf

#074: Peter McGuire

Peter 'Zanzibar' McGuire is the frontman of Bears with Eagle Arms, a very talented writer, multi-instrumentalist and modern day philosopher. Pete also preformed a few originals for you lovely people to enjoy. //BEARS WITH EAGLE ARMS, Terrible time// BEIRUT, No No No// BEARS WITH EAGLE ARMS, The Clam Song, Chromatic, Can't Shake It, Song for Myself//  www.limberwolfmusic.com

#070: (James Campos) Cannamedic Peru

James Campos is the founder of Cannamedic Peru, a non-profit organization on a mission to legalize and supply medical marijuana for the Peruvian people. // SANTANA, Gitano// JAMIROQUAI, Emergency On Planet Earth// THE MARS VOLTA, Miranda The Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore// SHAWN LEE'S PING PONG ORCHESTRA FEAT. NINO MOCHELLA, Kiss The Sky// www.limberwolfmusic.com

#069: Non-Kosher Karoshi

In this episode Arin speaks on lingering neanderthal DNA, McVegans, wannabe Star Trek translators and working yourself to death. RADIOHEAD, Burn The Witch// DELTRON 3030, Mastermind// B.B KING// The Thrill Is Gone// TOM PETTY, Mary Jane's Last Dance// INSTAGRAM @limber_wolf // www.limberwolfmusic.com

#068: (David Brookton) Spooky Space

In this episode Arin is joined by David Brookton, artist and founder of Brookton Magazine. The two discuss Religion, time travel, artificially intelligent sex robots and much more... //THE PIXIES, Where Is My Mind// GHOST FACE KILLAH, Beware Of The Stare// CROOKED COLOURS, Flow// THE GROWLERS, Chinese Fountain// RITCHIE HAVENS, Eleanor Rigby// YO LA TENGO// instagram @limber_wolf // www.limberwolfmusic.com/donations

#067: Liberty Calls

In this music packed episode there is talk of Jewish repentance going into the new year, the sad truth of a man's prime directive and the beginnings of an American Revolution. BONUS POINTS, Morning Mimosa// THE WHO, Eminence Front// MAZZY STAR, Look Down From The Bridge// CHINESE MAN, I've Got That Tune// LOU REED, Walk On The Wild Side// IGGY POP, The Passenger// INSTAGRAM @ limber_wolf // www.limberwolfmusic.com

#064: (Tyler William Morse) Hired Gun

Tyler William Morse, bassist of  bands including Murder by Death, Electric Thinking Machine and Adrienne O came by for a rap session. //TUXEDO, Do It //ELECTRIC THINKING MACHINE, Mr. Orbit //MURDER BY DEATH, Steal Away //JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, Spaceship Coupe //DEERHUNTER, Micro Castle //BILL WITHERS, Harlem //SUPERTRAMP, Goodbye Stranger // INSTAGRAM @tyler.william.morse // www.limberwolfmusic.com/donations

#062: (Erin Bounds) Seppuku Seduction

In this episode Arin speaks with old friend and Los Angeles comic Erin Bounds. They talk about the grind of a female comic on the rise, secretive vision boards and smoking so much you throw up green. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, 405// JURASSIC 5, Concrete Schoolyard// INSTAGRAM @boundsyyy // www.limberwolfmusic.com