#069: Non-Kosher Karoshi

In this episode Arin speaks on lingering neanderthal DNA, McVegans, wannabe Star Trek translators and working yourself to death. RADIOHEAD, Burn The Witch// DELTRON 3030, Mastermind// B.B KING// The Thrill Is Gone// TOM PETTY, Mary Jane's Last Dance// INSTAGRAM @limber_wolf //

#067: Liberty Calls

In this music packed episode there is talk of Jewish repentance going into the new year, the sad truth of a man's prime directive and the beginnings of an American Revolution. BONUS POINTS, Morning Mimosa// THE WHO, Eminence Front// MAZZY STAR, Look Down From The Bridge// CHINESE MAN, I've Got That Tune// LOU REED, Walk On The Wild Side// IGGY POP, The Passenger// INSTAGRAM @ limber_wolf //

#062: (Erin Bounds) Seppuku Seduction

In this episode Arin speaks with old friend and Los Angeles comic Erin Bounds. They talk about the grind of a female comic on the rise, secretive vision boards and smoking so much you throw up green. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, 405// JURASSIC 5, Concrete Schoolyard// INSTAGRAM @boundsyyy //

#061: (Fil Silky) Gratitude

Arin sits with his friend and fellow psychonaut Fil Silky. They talk about communal farmlife of the early 70's in Tenessee, confronting dogma and what it takes to be a true artist. There is also instruction for precipitating an impromptu orgy. FLEETWOOD MAC, Black Magic Woman// DONOVAN, Hurdy Gurdy Man// JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, Somebody to Love// JURASSIC 5, Quality Control// THE BEATLES, Rich Man// PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, The Breakdown// BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, Mr. Soul// STEVE MILLER BAND, Roll with It// PETE ROCK AND C.L SMOOTH, They Reminisce Over You// HIEROGLYPHICS, You Never Knew// CANNED HEAT, On the Road Again// INSTAGRAM @ limber_wolf //

#059: Tom Hanks Academy

Arin and Jake hone in on mysterious codes hidden in Shakespeare sonnets, outer space, revolution and why you throw acid in people's mouths... Not their faces. BEN LEE, After taste// SIGUR ROS, Agaetis Byrjun// MODEST MOUSE, Paper Thin Walls// THE SMITHS, Death of a Disco Dancer// CAKE, Shadow Stabbing// BLACK KEYS, These Days// INSTAGRAM @limber_wolf //

#057: Hush Hush

In this episode there is talk about the marvels of Los Angeles and the enemy of non-disclosure. Arin also rants about the songwriting process, a new Paladin friend he met on a moving truck and the benefits of having a sensei. TALKING HEADS, Once in a lifetime// ANDERSON PAAK, Yes Lawd// CIGARETTES AFTER SEX, Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby// GROUPLOVE, Colours// BLOCKHEAD, Put Down Your Dream Journal and Dance// LIMBER WOLF, Game Over// INSTAGRAM @limber_wolf //

#052: (Max Winne) The Maykit

In this episode with Denver musician Max Winne there is talk of life's purpose, mind altering drugs and an American Revolution. The guys also take a pit stop in Trumpville for a shit sandwich. //THE DOORS, Curses, invocations //FEAR BEFORE THE MARCH OF FLAMES, God awful truth //NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL, King of Carrot Flowers //Q AND NOT U, Line in the Sand //MYSTERY JETS, Telomere //OLAFUR ARNALDS, Particles //THE MAYKIT, East and West, I Decided Not to Change // Instagram @themaykit //

#051: Show Show?

Arin gets the call from the Show Show and begins wrapping his mind around the piece of art he must bring. There is talk ranging from the discovery of blowjob pop rocks to the medicinal value of Dimethyltryptamine. //ALT J, Hunger of the pine// ANDREW BIRD, Plasticities(live)// HANG MASSIVE, Once Again// TASH SULTANA, Murder to the Mind// BRIAN ENO, Some of Them are Old// GORILLAZ, Saturnz Barz// INSTAGRAM @ limber_wolf//